Arjun Kapoor

Programme Manager & Research Fellow

Arjun is a lawyer and psychologist by qualification. After graduating from NALSAR, Hyderabad he was appointed as law clerk to the Supreme Court of India. Subsequently, his work focused on developing socio-legal interventions on access to justice with marginalised communities in Gujarat. Arjun has a M.A. in Psychology (Psycho-Social Clinical Studies) from Ambedkar University, Delhi with a specialisation in interdisciplinary approaches to psychology. At the Centre, he co-leads various projects on law, policy, and service reform for mental health and suicide prevention. He works with a range of stakeholders for implementation of the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 and the National Mental Health Policy, 2014. He also co-leads the India Mental Health Observatory, and an integrated intervention on suicide prevention for young adults as part of a grant funded by Comic Relief, UK. He is deeply invested in exploring the intersections of the human psyche, culture and social justice. To note: Arjun is a lover of chai, mutton curry, and all things sweet.  

Professional interests: mental health systems; law & policy reform; human-centred approaches; social justice