International Diploma In Mental Health, Human Rights & Law

The diploma imparts knowledge on the role of legislation in promoting and protecting the rights of persons with mental health issues, and how mental health policy & services can work to improve human rights standards in the sector.

The International Diploma has completed 13 batches so far with 150 graduates from 65 countries.

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Christine Sinclair Erasito

Going through this course has helped me formalise a mental health policy for Fiji.

Christine Sinclair Erasito

Mental Health Nurse, Lautoka Hospital


Joyce Vives

This course demystified law and human rights in line with mental health.

Joyce Vives

Behavioral Therapist, San Francisco Department of Public Health


Aikaterini Nomidou

This course of the highest calibre enhanced the depth and breadth of my knowledge.

Aikaterini Nomidou

Vice-President of Sofpsi N.Serron & Lawyer


Peter Bazzana

I realised that this course is relevant to both, developed and developing nations.

Peter Bazzana

Member, NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal


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We at the Centre for Mental Health Law & Policy imagine a just and equitable world through enhancing communities' capabilities for mental health and well-being
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We work with different stakeholders including people with lived experience, caregivers, mental health professionals, media, policymakers, civil society organisations & researchers.


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