Outlive! is a suicide prevention program for engaging and enabling young people to address urban youth suicides in India. 

Why Outlive!

India accounts for 36.6% of world suicides in women and 24.4% of suicides in men. Suicide is the leading cause of death among young people aged 15 to 30 years (1st rank among women and 2nd rank among men). In India, family conflicts, breakdown of intimate relationships, exam stress, emotional and sexual abuse, physical violence, discrimination, and substance use are important contributing factors to suicidal behaviour and mental health problems among young people. Misinformation about suicide and a culture of silence further compounds the problem by hindering access to support in the community or through existing health services. Currently, there are very few digital or social media interventions addressing suicide prevention for young people, particularly in local Indian languages.

How are we addressing the issue?

Outlive! is a four-year suicide prevention program led by Centre for Mental Health Law & Policy in collaboration with Sangath & Quicksand Design Studio (2020-2024). Outlive! seeks to address urban suicides among young adults (18 to 24 years) belonging to marginalised and low-income groups (caste, class, gender & sexuality) in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.

Outlive! will engage with young adults through a participatory and human-centred design approach to co-develop the following three suicide prevention interventions:

  1. Develop a public engagement campaign on suicide prevention among young people by sharing resources (in English, Hindi & Marathi) to reduce stigma and discrimination
  2. Develop a chat-based peer-led suicide prevention support service and train a network of peer counsellors to provide suicide prevention support
  3. Train 10 Youth Advocates to work with policymakers and engage in policy processes for youth suicide prevention
What is the potential impact?

Through Outlive!’s suicide prevention activities we expect the following impact:

  1. There will be an increased awareness about suicide prevention and mental health among young people
  2. Young people will have access to rights-based peer-led suicide prevention support services
  3. Young people will actively engage with policymakers and influence policy processes for suicide prevention
Where have we reached?

Currently, Outlive! is in the first phase of youth engagement for formative research & co-design with young adults. We are holding extensive consultations and co-design workshops with a diverse and representative group of young adults (Delhi, Mumbai & Pune) to develop Outlive!’s suicide prevention activities to ensure that they reflect the needs and preferences of young adults.