Rajani Parthasarathy

Rajani Parthasarathy is awarded the Keshav Desiraju Memorial Award for Outstanding Public Service in Mental Health, 2023, for her remarkable contributions to advancing mental health in Karnataka.

Through her training as a psychiatrist and work in multiple assignments with the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Karnataka since 2004, Dr. Parthasarathy has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to public service in the field of mental health. As Deputy Director of Mental Health, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Karnataka, she has played a significant role in the expansion of the District Mental Health Programme there and implementation of the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017. Through her career, she has also initiated several programs aimed at improving mental health among vulnerable populations, notably among inmates at the Central Prison Hospital, Bangalore and at protecting women and girls against violence.

Dr Parthasarathy’s long-standing dedication to mental health and demonstrable record of initiating and supporting collaborations across government ministries as well as with civil society organisations make her a meritorious recipient of this award.