Grand Challenges Canada: Global Mental Health Programs
CMHLP has been awarded two grants from Grand Challenges Canada: “Canada Global Mental Health: Integrated Innovations to Improve Treatments and Expand Access to Care” programs.

CMHLP was also awarded a funding for 34 months by Grand Challenges Canada for another project entitled “Improving access to high quality treatment and rehabilitation services for people with mental disorders in India”. The project aims to bring about significant improvements in the quality of mental health services including improved skills, attitudes and practices of health staff and lay persons in relation to treatment and recovery, and human rights leading to reduced stigma, improved accessibility and acceptability of care, and ultimately to reduced disability and improve functioning for people with mental disorders. The project aims to address the issue of poor quality and rights violations in the State of Gujarat by introducing and scaling up an innovative QualityRights intervention in mental health facilities.

The Principal Investigators of this project are – Dr Soumitra Pathare (CMHLP, ILS, Pune), Mr. Akwatu Khenti (Office of Transformative Global Health, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada). The collaborating organizations on this project Institute of Mental Health, Ahmedabad; Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Toronto; World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva; Schizophrenia Awareness Association (SAA), Pune; Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF), Chennai, and Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), New Delhi.

  • Technical Assistance to Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India for New Mental Health Care Bill
    Coordinators of CMHLP, Dr Sagade and Dr Pathare have provided technical support to Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India to draft the new mental health care legislation for India since February 2010. This involved preparing successive drafts of the new Mental Health Care Bill, assisting the Ministry in conducting stakeholder consultations and responding to suggestions and objections from various State and non-state stakeholders. The draft Bill has been tabled in Rajya Sabha and has also been cleared by the Departmental Standing Committee. The work has been critically acclaimed in the academic press. See India’s new Mental Health Care Bill 2012 in The Lancet, [Volume 382 July 27, 2013].
  • Review report on Mental Health Legislation of Commonwealth Member StatesCMHLP was contracted by the Commonwealth Health Professionals Alliance to prepare a report on “Mental health: a legislative framework to empower, protect and care – A Review of Mental Health Legislation in Commonwealth Member States” for the Commonwealth Health Ministers’ meeting held in May 2013. The project was funded by Commonwealth Foundation, London, UK.
    Dr Soumitra Pathare also gave a presentation of the report at Commonwealth Partners’ Forum meeting held at Geneva in May 2013. The report work received critical acclaim from the Director of Commonwealth Foundation (See: ‘Mental Health: Towards Economic and Social Inclusion’ blog at www.commonwealthfoundation.com).

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