Course Details

The Diploma is a one-year course. The Indian Law Society (ILS) will award the Diploma, a registered public charitable trust which runs ILS law College, Pune. After confirmation of admission, the students are expected to go through the reading/study material, which will be available on the web-board, using password-controlled access to the material. Students will also be provided with the overall core texts for the overall diploma, including the WHO Resource Book on Mental Health, Human Rights, and Legislation as well as other core documents.

Online activity will commence on 5th September 2019 when the students will receive email related to work on Modules 1 &  2 (see later) of the course. Students are expected to read the course work notes for Modules 1 & 2 and complete quiz questionnaires by 5th October 2019. The first residential session starts on 7th October 2019. During this residential session, students shall attend campus lectures and workshops for 2 weeks. The residential session ends on 19th October 2019. The second residential session lasts for one week and is at the end of the course (November 2020), to complete projects and examinations and award of the Diploma. Between these two residential sessions, students return home where they are required to complete one module per month online. This involves completing study exercises and other homework assignments related to the module and posted on the web-board.

In addition, students complete a Project on a topic related to mental health, law and human rights. Each student will be assigned to a supervisor who will help in the selection of the project area and provide an on-going supervision. In addition, one or two supervisors will also be allocated a specific module to supervise and be responsible for marking the homework assignments for that module as well as providing guidance and answering the questions of students on issues arising from it.