Keshav Desiraju India Mental Health Observatory is an open-access repository of data and information on mental health laws, policies & services.

Who We Are

We are built in collaboration with various stakeholders to promote evidence-based policymaking and to bridge systemic gaps for advancing mental health in India. The stakeholders represent a range of groups including policymakers, civil society organisations, mental health professionals, service users, caregivers, researchers, media, funding organizations and others.


Our overall objective is to create a collaborative mechanism by engaging with a range of stakeholders to collect, collate and disseminate data, metrics and research on mental health laws, policies and services at the national, state and district level. Specific objectives are as follows:
  1. To support governments in the implementation of international and domestic laws and policies for mental health at the national, state and district level in India.
  2. To evaluate budgetary allocations and expenditure for mental health services based on demand indicators.
  3. To develop rights-based quantitative and qualitative indicators for evaluating mental health services based on parameters such as quality, quantity, affordability, accessibility and cultural appropriateness.
  4. To develop a network of collaborators and partners for monitoring, evaluating and disseminating data on the mental health system.

What We Do

Our activities are organized across the following priority action areas:
  • Mental health system evaluation
  • Identifying and developing mental health system indicators
  • Budgetary analysis
  • Legal and judgement analysis
  • Data collection, analysis, and dissemination through various outputs (briefs, academic papers, dashboards and repositories)
Our work covers a variety of thematic areas.

Meet the Team

The Secretariat comprises of researchers from diverse backgrounds ranging from social work and psychology to financial management and public policy. Meet our Secretariat