About the Public Archive

Public Archive is an initiative of the Keshav Desiraju India Mental Health Observatory, conceptualised to bridge the gaps in data and information on the implementation of mental health and disability related laws, policies and programmes by making it accessible and available. Data is a public good, essential to promote evidence-based policymaking, therefore the Public Archive is an attempt to make data and information on mental health and disabilities in India more easily accessible and available to the general public and relevant stakeholders.

Public Archive hosts five types of data and information sources:

  1. Laws, Policies & Programmes
  2. Circulars & Notifications issued by the Union and State governments
  3. Court judgements
  4. RTI responses
  5. Answers to questions raised in Parliament

with us!

If you have access to any relevant data or information on mental health in India, and would like to contribute to Public Archive, please write to us on [email protected].

We welcome scanned or digital copies of relevant documents and are open to host data and information on mental health, disabilities, suicides, Mental Healthcare Act, 2017, Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, National Mental Health Programme, District Mental Health Programme or any other related laws, policies and programmes, at the state or national level in India.

The Public Archive is an open-access, crowd sourced platform. While our data is anonymised, we acknowledge all collaborators and contributors to the Public Archive.

For feedback or suggestions, please write to us on [email protected]


Data and information have been crowdsourced from individuals and organisations 


The Keshav Desiraju India Mental Health Observatory team is indebted to several persons who have and continue to provide support in building and maintaining the Public Archive. We would like to thank Vaishnavi Jayakumar, member of the IMHO Expert Group for her guidance on the project. We would also like to acknowledge a large team of colleagues and interns at the Centre for their research and technical support