Maitreyi Misra

Director, Death Penalty Mitigation; Director, Mental Health and Criminal Justice

Maitreyi heads Project 39A’s work on mental health and criminal justice along with leading the death penalty mitigation team. She graduated in Law from the Symbiosis Law School, Pune in 2010. She holds a Masters in Law from the New York University. She was an International Law and Human Rights Fellow as part of which she worked with the Association for Civil Rights in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Before joining Project 39A in 2014, Maitreyi worked with Mr. Anand Grover, Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court of India and assisted him in his work as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health. She is the lead author of Project 39A’s report ‘Deathworthy: A Mental Health Perspective of the Death Penalty’ (2021).