Kaustubh Joag

Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Mental Health Law & Policy, ILS

Kaustubh is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Mental Health Law & Policy, Indian Law Society, Pune and a practicing psychiatrist. Kaustubh coordinates the Centre’s International Diploma in Mental Health, Human Rights, and Law. He has completed the Diploma in 2013-14.

He is project co-lead for a community led mental health project called ‘Atmiyata to improve access to mental health and social care for people with mental health conditions. He was a co-investigator during the pilot stage of the Atmiyata project, a principal investigator during the transition-to-scale stage of the project. Currently, he is co-leading the partnership model with the Ambuja Cement Foundation and Hasiru Dala organization for the replication of the Atmiyata model.