1. Dr. Lakshmi Vijayakumar: Founder, SNEHA; HOD Psychiatry, VHS Chennai; Hon. Associate Prof, University of Melbourne; Hon.Adjunct Prof, University of Griffith, Australia; Member WHO Network on Suicide Prevention and Research;
  2. Dr. Greg Armstrong: Principal Research Fellow, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health; Member, National Research Committee, Australian Association of Social Workers; Member and Recipient of Early Career Researcher Award, Society for Mental Health Research; Member, Special Interest Group on Media and Suicide, International Association for Suicide Prevention;
  3. Tanmoy Goswami: User-survivor; founding editor, Sanity by Tanmoy, independent mental health journalism platform; former Sanity correspondent, The Correspondent; alumnus, Entrepreneurial Journalism Creators Program, Craig Newmark School of Journalism, City University of New York; co-facilitator of suicide reporting workshops for journalists with the Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy; former head of the desk, Fortune India magazine; former associate editor, The Economic Times Prime; winner, IE Business School Prize for Economic Journalism in Asia, 2016.

Led by

  1. Dr. Soumitra Pathare, Director, Centre for Mental Health Law & Policy
  2. Arjun Kapoor, Program Manager and Research Fellow, Centre for Mental Health Law & Policy

Implementation leads

  1. Tanya Nicole Fernandes, Research Associate (IMHO)
  2. Manisha Shastri, Research Associate (IMHO)
  3. Amiti Varma, Research Associate (IMHO)

Edition II, III, IV & V Researchers

  1. Dr. Priyanka Verma, Research Intern (IMHO)
  2. Nimisha Ajaikumar, Research Intern (IMHO)
  3. Alankrita Dutta, Research Intern (IMHO)
  4. Kshiti Shobha Vikas, Research Intern (IMHO)
  5. Rupika TL, Research Intern (IMHO)
  6. Ekasmayi Esha Naresh, Research Intern (IMHO)

Edition I Researchers

  1. Arti Kulkarni, Project Assistant (UPSIDES)
  2. Dr. Arpita Patel, Research Associate (SPIRIT)
  3. Isha Lohumi, Research Associate (SPIRIT)
  4. Palak Korde, Project Assistant (UPSIDES)
  5. Sanketa Kamble, Admin Assistant, CMHLP
  6. Somidha Ray, Research Associate (IMHO)
  7. Yesha Merchant, Project Assistant (UPSIDES)
  8. Yash Bagra, Research Associate (Legal Support)
  9. Dr. Padam Jain, Research Associate (SPIRIT)
  10. Aaryaman Pathare, Intern (IMHO)
  11. Manasa Veluvali, Intern (IMHO)

Communications Team

  1. Meera Damji, Communications Lead, CMHLP
  2. Sufwan Hasan, Communications Associate, CMHLP

About the India Mental Health Observatory

The Centre for Mental Health Law & Policy, ILS Pune has recently set up the India Mental Health Observatory (IMHO). Supported by Thakur Foundation, the IMHO is a repository of data and information on mental health to promote evidence-based policy making and bridge systemic gaps for advancing mental health in India. The IMHO’s mission is to improve mental health outcomes by facilitating equitable, accessible, affordable, quality and rights-based mental healthcare in India.

For any queries about the IMHO or Project SIREN, please contact us at