The Atmiyata course: providing evidence-based mental health support




Please register here to sign up for the course. Last date to apply: 18th October, 2020.

According to National Mental Health Survey 2016, 150 million people are affected by mental health conditions, and the mental health care gap is 80 to 85%. This means that people who need to seek services cannot access acceptable, affordable and quality mental health care services. Self-care and informal care (reaching out to others in distress) is easily accessible, less stigmatizing, and cost effective. In this regard, Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy (CMHLP) at the Indian Law Society, Pune has launched the Atmiyata course to train various stakeholders like teachers, HR managers, general practitioners, psychologists, self-motivated individuals and others. The course is adapted from the Atmiyata intervention that provides evidence—and skill-based training to provide psycho-social support in their contexts. The course will use the evaluated counseling techniques to provide skills to identify, reach out and support persons in distress, and for common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. The course will be conducted ONLINE.

What does this course offer?

  • Develop practical and evidence-based counselling skills including professional skills such as process skills, soft skills, and micro-skills to respond to persons with mental health distress
  • Identification techniques of mental health disorders
  • Techniques for self-help
  • Learn perspectives of social determinants to mental health
  • A certified qualification with practical counselling skills to enhance day to day work life
  • Scientific and evidenced based course content to improve personal as well as professional skills including professional communications skills

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