Smriti Shukla

Smriti’s inclination to understand human behaviour and the way its nuances influence us, prompted her to complete her graduation in Psychology and Economics, post which she pursued her LL.B from Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, Delhi University.

This gave her a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Her interest of working in the area of human rights, brought her to National Law School, Bangalore, where she found an ideal platform to develop her skills for starting a career as a human rights defender.

She has previously been involved in the area of child rights and protection as an advocate, trainer and policy advisor to a number of government and non-government organisations. At the Centre, she works as a Research Associate for the project ‘Providing legal support for implementation of the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017’.

She is a travel junkie, her heart beats for books and dogs. In her spare time, she enjoys art and crafts.