Alberto Minoletti

Alberto Minoletti is MD, psychiatrist, Chief of the Mental Health Unit at the School of Public Health, University of Chile. He is Professor of Mental Health Policy and Services and Director of the Master in Mental Health and Community Psychiatry.

He has participated in research projects oriented to evaluate community services for persons with mental disorders and/or disability and has also numerous publications in this field. Former Director of the Mental Health Department, Ministry of Health, Chile, where he played a major role in the national mental health policies, contributing to integrate mental health into primary care, to implement a network of community facilities to care for persons with severe mental disorders, to develop day hospitals and psychiatric units in general hospitals, and to downsize mental hospitals.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have invited him to be Consultant to write technical documents on mental health policies and services and to help other Latin American countries to develop and implement community mental health policies and services.

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