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Regulations for the Ph.D. Programme in Human Rights, Law &Policy regarding Health (Including Mental Health) of the VU University, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Hereinafter Ph.D.)

1.The eligibility criteria for the admission to Ph.D. are: a) A student must be Indian i.e. a student who is citizen of India and resides in India at the time of application, b) A student must have completed a Master’s degree in Health / Law / Social Science discipline from any recognized university.

2. For the calendar year 2014, two students for Ph.D. mentioned above will jointly be selected by the Admission Committee constituted by the INDIAN LAW SOCIETY and the VU, University, Amsterdam, on the basis of the application and personal interview.

3. The selected student shall undertake his/her Ph.D. according to Doctorate Regulations of the VU University Amsterdam ( The selected student shall sign the undertaking of the INDIAN LAW SOCIETY.

4. The student shall not be required to pay any tuition fees to the VU. The student shall pay Rs. 15,000/ per year to the INDIAN LAW SOCIETY towards administrative charges.

5. The duration of the Ph.D. shall ordinarily be 3 years. The exact arrangement of studies at INDIAN LAW SOCIETY and VU will be determined by the supervisors in consultation with the student.

6. The student shall carry out research under the supervision and responsibility of supervisors from both the INDIAN LAW SOCIETY and VU University Amsterdam. The Admission Committee will appoint the supervisors.

7. Each student shall enter into an agreement stipulating the field of study, the name of the student, the names of the supervisors and other matters pertaining to the particular student’s study programme in a prescribed form.

8. The student will be required to undertake research in Pune, India on a relevant topic related to Health (including mental health, law and policy).

9. The student may be required to undertake a course on Research Methodology at the ILS during the first year of the Ph.D.

10. The student is required to conduct research at the VU University Amsterdam for a minimum of 3 months up to a maximum of 6 months during the second year of the Ph.D. with the approval of the supervisors. Furthermore, on completion of the thesis, the student is required to publicly defend the thesis in person at the VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The VU shall bear the costs of students’ travel and stay at the VU for up to a 6-month period, as well as cover the costs for the doctoral examination and public defence of the thesis in the Netherlands.

11. The student shall publish five research papers in international academic peer-reviewed journals and shall submit a thesis of these papers, with an introduction and discussion at the end of the third year. The doctoral thesis is to be written in English. The rules regarding the co-authored papers will be formulated in an individual agreement with the student.

12. The student must sign a declaration that the thesis has not been submitted for a degree qualification to any other university.

13. The Doctoral Examination Committee shall be appointed in consultation with the INDIAN LAW SOCIETY and the VU University Amsterdam.

14. This committee shall consist of supervisor from INDIAN LAW SOCIETY, and two other persons to be appointed by INDIAN LAW SOCIETY, a supervisor from the VU and two other persons to be appointed by the VU. The committee shall be chaired by a seventh person, a non-examining member of the committee who is a full professor in a cognate field of study at VU, appointed by the VU College of Deans. The decision of the Doctoral Examination Committee will be final and will be binding on the student.

15. The committee is responsible for the examination process. Both partner institutions are bound by the decision of the Doctoral Examination Committee with respect to award of Ph.D.

16. The public defence of the doctoral thesis shall take place in the Netherlands with the members of the doctoral examinations committee present or linked up by means of technologies enabling live synchronous communications. The defence of the doctoral thesis shall be in English.

17. The student shall be awarded a Ph.D. by the VU University Amsterdam conferring on the student the right to use the title ‘Dr.’

18. A separate letter regarding the joint supervision undertaken by the INDIAN LAW SOCIETY and VU University will be issued to the student.

19. The results of the research performed by the Ph.D. student will be available to the Ph.D. student, the INDIAN LAW SOCIETY, and the VU University Amsterdam.

20. At the time of joining Ph.D., the student shall give the following undertakings:

1. I hereby submit to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the authorities of the ILS, and shall observe and abide by the rules made by them.
2. I undertake to take an identity card immediately and carry it with me while in the College Premises and to produce it when demanded by college staff and authorities of the Indian Law Society.
3. I am aware that mobile phones or similar electronic instruments have to be switched off in library and during any activity in the College. If such instruments ring in the library or during activities, the instruments are liable to be confiscated by the authorities, or fine may be imposed.
4. I am aware that smoking cigarettes or taking any addictive substance on College premises including the library, canteen, hostel, mess etc. is prohibited and if found doing these, I will be liable for disciplinary action.
5. I am also aware that it is my responsibility to keep College premises clean.
6. I promise not to indulge in any ragging activity (As defined by ‘The Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act. 1999’) inside or outside the College.
7. I declare that all statements made in the application are true, complete & correct to the best of my knowledge & belief. I understand that in the event of any information being found false or incorrect my candidature is liable to be cancelled or rejected.

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