Young Lives Matter

Young Lives Matter is a research project which aims to assess the determinants of suicide attempts in young people between 15-29 years of age in India.

Collaborators, Funding

The project is funded by Wellcome Trust/ DBT India Alliance. It is being hosted by the NGO Sangath in Goa, in collaboration with the Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy, and DY Patil Hospital, Pune. Data collection for the project will be in Pune city.

Suicides in the age group of 15-29 years account for over 50% of the suicides in India. Suicide attempts are 10-20 more common, and present a risk factor for subsequent suicides. India’s Mental Health Act 2017 provides for the implementation of rehabilitation and preventive strategies for suicide attempts; however there is there is little known regarding the reasons for these attempts, which is a barrier to the development of these strategies. Young Lives Matter thus aims to fill this knowledge gap, and contribute to the development of suicide prevention efforts in India.

The project is for 5 years (April 2017-March 2022). It will employ a case-control design in which young persons who present with suicide attempts in hospitals in Pune (cases) will be compared with young persons living in the same neighbourhood (controls), on factors that are thought to be relevant to suicide attempts, for example mental illness, life events and personality. Information on these factors will be collected through interviews with cases and controls, and their family members. Results of this study will highlight the determinants of suicide attempts for young people in India and inform the development of prevention programs for this population.  

For more information please contact Madhumitha Balaji.

Principal Investigator, and Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance Early Career Fellow, Sangath, Goa
Hon. Research Fellow, Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy, Indian Law Society, Pune

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