Manasi Sharma

Research Fellow in Mental Health Services, University of Exeter, UK

This is an exciting new field with scope for tremendous amounts of work, and the Diploma provided me with the perfect platform to enhance my career in mental health services and policy.

This Diploma has been an exceedingly fruitful and enriching experience for me. This may be attributed to the combination of a highly experienced and reputed faculty, the diverse group of students from varied backgrounds and nationalities, and the carefully crafted and well-structured modules encompassing all aspects of human rights, law and mental health.

With topics ranging from international law to stigma in mental health and legal capacity, from drafting of legislation to advocacy and campaigning, the course provided a sound theoretical grounding in the key areas for all those determined to improve the quality of life for persons living with mental illness. Through classroom discussions, quizzes, essays, projects, and enthralling debates, the course equipped us with various tools to implement change for a more inclusive and human-rights friendly society.

For me, the highlight of the Diploma was its international flavour, and the opportunity to build networks with global leaders, professionals, users, carers and activists. We’ve continued to stay in touch and plan initiatives to achieve our common goal for the mental health field worldwide.

2021 @ Indian Law Society