Laura Hambleton

Family Mental Health Researcher

This diploma exceeded my expectations the moment I started to meet the faculty and my fellow students. Having the chance to interact and collaborate with such varied knowledge, experience and perspectives is an essential component to learning in this relatively new field.

The course is extremely practical in that it replicates the world stage – in its cultural representativeness and its professional variety. The faculty and students represent the various players in mental health, law and human rights – from lawyers to advocates to NGO representatives and users to psychiatrists, nurses, researchers and recent graduates. Beliefs surrounding culture, as well as beliefs surrounding practice and theory whirl around the classroom, as they whirl around courtrooms, hospitals, organizations and media in the real world.

The community that is formed from such an exchange in combination with new knowledge gained from the lectures and classroom provides graduates of the diploma with highly applicable tools in the vast areas at the intersection of mental health law and human rights.

2021 @ Indian Law Society