Kristina Brazevic

Chief Specialist of the Group on Monitoring Human Rights Situation in Closed Detention Institutions in the Seimas Ombudsmen’s Office of the Republic of Lithuania.

I fully enjoyed the modules and the learning procedures, as well as the environment, which brought together lawyers, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and other professionals.

“I’m very delighted with this interactive, multidisciplinary and critical course. It strengthened me to always take stock of the national and international provisions and standards, look for likely shortcomings and disputable potentials, balance all pros and cons and find a way to apply them in the best way and interest of the persons with mental disabilities. The expertise and the performance of the lecturers were truly high. The given knowledge was also very practical.

I started applying it with the first assignments and successfully used it for the investigation work at the Ombudsmen’s office. Now, after completing the course I feel I have expertise, knowledge and confidence necessary for the work in this area. I have planned a number of investigations to carry out in the nearest future.

The course also gave me fantastic opportunities to create a social network with people dedicated to prevention and promotion of human rights of persons with mental disabilities, and carve my own professional path.”

2021 @ Indian Law Society