Joseph Lou Kenyi

When I first learned about the course, I thought it would be challenging or not of much relevance to me
since I have very little legal background having been a hospital based physician then later working in
public health with the WHO in the area of mental health. The course eventually was awakening to me. I
have always thought that, the organization of mental health services, the quality of services offered
including involuntary treatment and admission prescribed to persons with mental health disorder are
deserved or normal practices since users “do not have insight”. It became clear to me during the course
after studying important human rights charters that without a human right’s perspective in dealing with
persons with mental health disorder, it would be impossible to provide quality services that indeed
promote mental health and well being.
The evidence based case scenarios and the rich course materials provided during the course were
phenomenal not only for passing the course but also as resource materials for guiding stakeholders in
the country. I would encourage everyone working in the area of mental health whether specialist of
non-specialist to go through this course.

2021 @ Indian Law Society