Role: Internship

Salary: Will be discussed

Want to get involved in our work?

Interning at Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy (CMHLP) will open a wide range of opportunities. This will help you to build your career.

Through our internship programme, you will be able to choose the area of work most suitable to your learning preferences. CMHLP will strengthen your existing skills and it will also ensure that you develop new skills during your internship period. You will also be given opportunity to come up with your new ideas. We, at CMHLP, respect the skills you come with and are more than happy to learn from your previous experiences.

Here are some areas that you might be interested to work in:

Media and Communications:

  • Learn to build communication plan and strategy,
  • Learn to generate tools of communication like newsletter, photo essay, poster, postcards, shooting a short video, etc.
  • Learn to generate a content for website, social media, print / radio;
  • Branding and Fund raising –
  • Learn to develop branding strategy, plan and its implementation
  • Learn to develop funding strategy, plan and its implementation.

Documentation and writing:

  • Learn to do process documentation,   
  • Learn to write reports and document impact stories

Research activities:

  • Learn about proposal development, protocol development,
  • Learn about qualitative studies
  • Learn about quantitative studies
  • Learn about academic paper writing and publication

Field based work:

  • Get an experience in field level project management,
  • Get to know training material and delivery of training at grassroot level;
  • Learn to work as a field staff and you will able meet with community stakeholders etc

CMHLP will give you knowledge about its various developmental programmes, give exposure to work on the field. This will provide you access to a vast amount of information acquired from various individuals and the research conducted.

Kindly note, we get many applications and are only able to accommodate a few. Please note that the minimum period of an internship is three to six months and we will appreciate if you are very specific regarding your objective when interning.

Please visit our website for more information and, if you are eligible, complete the internship form. Kindly send in your CV along with recommendation letter (In PDF or word Format only) to

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